SCB Goes Rouge Pollinator Project

The Toronto Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology is embarking on an exciting new project at Rouge Park.  With the help of partners at Rouge Park and volunteers we will be:

  1. Searching the park for the endangered Rusty-patched Bumblebee
  2. Monitoring park pollinator diversity
  3. Initiating outreach and education programs about the importance of pollinators in the park

The presence of native pollinators is crucial to the success of park restoration and ecosystem sustainability.  They provide the ecosystem service of pollinating native plants which provide food and shelter for other native animals like songbirds and small mammals. In recent years, some pollinator species have shown rapid declines.  The Rusty-patched Bumblebee, for example, went from being the 4th most common species in southern Ontario to the rarest in just a few decades.

We need volunteers
Interested in volunteering with SCB-TO this summer on our SCB Goes Rouge Pollinator Project? We need volunteers to help with field work (including monitoring of bee pollinator diversity), community outreach, and lab work (including organizing, pinning, mounting specimens). To help us get all our volunteers organized we are asking you to fill out our volunteer recruitment survey. This will help us to coordinate everyone, organize transportation, and fit you into the best volunteer spots given your interests. This should not take more than 5 minutes of your time.

Volunteer survey link

We really appreciate your interest and look forward to meeting and working with you this summer. Please feel free to pass on the message to others you think might be interested.

For other info please check out these websites



One thought on “SCB Goes Rouge Pollinator Project

  1. The Rouge Valley Conservation Centre, located in Rouge Park just completed a brand new native garden and is planning to install bug hotels over the coming summer. Last year the garden attracted many more bees than what had been on the property previously. The plan was to design some bug hotels for bee monitoring work. The RVCC would be interested in partnering with SCB on the project and would be willing to host both education displays and fixed monitoring sites. Additionally, our Citizen Scienists Program may be able to offer additionally volunteer labour. Please contact us to discuss details further if you are interested.

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