Our amazing volunteers

SCB-TO sends out
a huge thank you to our volunteers 

Almost mid-way into November and the chill in the air made even sharper by the winds makes our warm summer field days collecting data on pollinator species in Rouge Park seem even further away. While we are no longer doing field work, our volunteers are still hard at work helping us process our samples. This includes sorting specimens (we keep the hymenoptera), cutting up labels (each specimen needs 3: 1st with latitude and longitudes and name of the sample site, 2nd date sample collected, and 3rd the genus and species) – many many many labels, and pinning the specimens. We had a total of 7 sampling days where we sampled 14 sites, making for a lot of post-field season work.  These are just a sampling of our snapshots and there are many people who we did not capture in a photo. But to everyone, we are hugely thank you. This would not be possible without your time, commitment, and dedication to this project and the Society for Conservation Biology.

posted by Ilona Naujokaitis-Lewis, SCB-TO President


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