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SCB-TO members have been hard at work analysing data from our 2 field seasons collecting data to address the gaps in our knowledge about native pollinators in Rouge Park. Here are some recent developments on the status of the park as it transitions to National Park status.

Province withholds Rouge Park lands in response to low environmental protection offered by federal National Urban Parks bill. The Rouge Park is among the largest urban parks in North America, protecting over 40 km2 of watershed, including large swathes of endangered Carolinian forest in Toronto’s east end. In 2011, the province began talks with the federal government about the possibility of expanding the Rouge to create Canada’s first National Urban Park. Strategically located in a region that boasts 34% of Canada’s population, the Rouge would provide national park access to millions. However, the province argues that the proposed federal legislation (Bill C-40) will not provide the environmental protection the park needs or deserves, and falls short of the protection offered to existing national parks. The Ontario government opted to deny the transfer of the provincially-owned Rogue Park lands to the federal government until the proposed federal legislation is significantly strengthened.

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