Meet Our Chapter Members

Karl Lamothe

SCB-TO Member Spotlight: Karl Lamothe, MSc

I am currently a PhD student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto. My research interests are in the field of freshwater aquatic ecosystem conservation and management. Freshwater ecosystems are extremely interesting as they are instrumental in providing valuable ecosystem services, as well as harbouring some of the highest levels of biodiversity despite only covering a small fraction of the Earth’s surface. My Masters research focused on understanding population structure of largemouth bass, a highly regarded sport fish, in Arkansas reservoirs. The objective of my PhD research is to demonstrate how ecological resilience theory can aid in sustaining the socially desired state of Ontario’s aquatic ecosystems to the projected increases in disturbance as a result of human-induced pressures. Ecological resilience describes the ability of an ecosystem to absorb disturbance without undergoing major change in its overall structure. Quantifying ecological resilience will demonstrate the vulnerability of freshwater systems to major change, therefore providing valuable information to aquatic ecosystem management. I have personally been involved with SCB-TO since 2013-2014. Besides being immersed in my research, I enjoy bicycling the Toronto streets, as well as being creative with yeast, hops, barley, and sugar. Fun fact: my favorite type of fish is a sculpin.


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