About Us

Toronto Chapter of the

Society for Conservation Biology

The Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) is an international professional organization dedicated to promoting the scientific study of the phenomena that affect the maintenance, loss, and restoration of biological diversity. The Society’s membership comprises a wide range of people interested in the conservation and study of biological diversity: resource managers, educators, government and private conservation workers, and students make up the more than 10,000 members world-wide.


The Toronto Chapter

The SCB has a mulititude of local chapters across the globe. We are one of these local chapters, which provide an opportunity for SCB members to engage in conservation at the local level. We strive to build a network of active conservation biologists from the three local academic research universities – University of Toronto, York University and Ryerson University, as well as government, non-government and private agencies operating within the Greater Toronto Area. Our goal is to facilitate discussion of and solutions to urban conservation biology issues that threaten the function of Toronto’s local ecosystems. This includes land use transformation, reduction of biological diversity, loss of native species, among other relevant issues. To this end, we aim to host formal lectures with local expert participants, hold informal conservation biology philosophy discussions, form policy statements to influence municipal government decisions, and involve the local community in the practive of conservation science.

Board Executive

The Toronto Chapter Executive consists of the following positions. Click on the link to find out more about the current elected members.

President: Michelle Dileo

Vice-president: Amanda Xuereb

Secretary: Ekaterina Hult

Treasurer: Jennifer Chivers

Communications Coordinator: Christopher Blackford

Member-at-large: Ilona Naujokaitis-Lewis

Becoming a Member

New members are always welcome.

If you would like to become a member of the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) please follow the directions below. Please note at this time the Toronto Chapter does not charge additional dues for membership in the local chapter. Dues are specified by the SCB – please check this link for more information.